Our goal is to be the kind of business organization in which people can place their trust.

Success starts with a vision


    The Shareholders of James Richardson & Sons, Limited are all members of the Richardson family and for five generations they, together with the Firm’s Board of Directors, have ensured that its founding values have been upheld. The JRSL Shareholders and Directors view the Firm and its subsidiaries in their totality and constructively support management. The Board sets policy and approves the overall strategic plan, the consolidated budget, significant acquisitions and divestitures, as well as major capital expenditures and financings. The Shareholders, many of whom also serve on the Boards of JRSL or its subsidiaries, add a further layer of oversight as they meet regularly as a group to receive reports on the Firm’s progress and plans.

  • Although it continues to be a family-owned organization, the Board of James Richardson & Sons, Limited includes independent Directors who are not members of the Richardson family and who are not members of management of the Firm. These Directors are experienced, highly-respected individuals within the business community, who provide JRSL with their business acumen as well as an objective perspective.

    In step with JRSL, the Firm’s operating subsidiaries each have their own Boards, all of which include independent, non-Richardson family Directors.